SafeUT Legislative Bill

"Statistics devastatingly show that suicide is the number one cause of death of Utah children ages 10–17. In addition, our schools and communities are facing crisis-level safety concerns,” said Attorney General Reyes. “Because of such alarming realities statewide, our office has worked closely and in a very bipartisan manner with legislators, agencies, parents, and advocates to find the right solution."

After studying the issue, the Utah Attorney General’s Office and Senator Thatcher proposed legislation in 2014 to form a commission to explore solutions. The legislation passed and the commission was led to the Hunstman Mental Health Institute (formerly the University Neuropsychiatric Institute), already renowned for their excellence in crisis call support. In 2015, the SchoolSafety and CrisisLine legislation (SB 175) sponsored by Sen. Daniel Thatcher and Rep. Steve Eliason passed the Utah State Legislature designating HMHI as the crisis provider and an active commission, chaired out of the Attorney General’s office, for implementation. The SafeUT app began rolling out to Utah junior high, middle, and high schools in early 2016.

The SafeUT program was developed with funding from the Utah State Legislature in collaboration with the Utah Office of the Attorney General, the Hunstman Mental Health Institute (HMHI), the Utah State Office of Education, and the Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition. 

SafeUT Commission Members

Ric Cantrell* - Utah Attorney General Chief of Staff
Rep. Steven Eliason - Utah State House of Representatives
Spencer Jenkins - Utah System of Higher Education
Missy Wilson Larsen - Representative of the Public
Rachel Lucynski - Hunstman Mental Health Institute
Amy Mikkelsen - Utah Department of Health
Barbara Stallone  - Representative of the Public
Sen. Daniel Thatcher - Utah State Senate
Christy Walker - Utah Public Education System
Ken Wallentine - Law Enforcement and Emergency Response
Craig Walters - Utah Department of Human Services

*Commission Chair