It's Time to Talk About Mental Health

Introducing Healing Out Loud, a social media short film contest to help normalize mental health and encourage us to hold inclusive and open conversations.

Mental health shouldn’t be a crisis in hiding. One in five Americans deal with mental health issues, and suicide is the leading cause of death in Utah for people age 10-34. But the stigma around mental health is as strong as ever.

People are not getting the mental health support they need. It’s time to change the conversation and end the stigma.


2022 Contest Winners


Joshua Davis  |  Utah State University



Justin Hunt
Southwest Technical College

Lauryn Batista
Southern Utah University

Dustin Winter
Utah Valley University

Joshua Davis
Utah State University

Maya Hardie
Utah Valley University

Hannah Nielson
Mountainland Technical College

Justin Hunt
Southwest Technical College

Kelsey Hart
University of Utah

Joshua Rasmussen
Utah Valley University

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How to Enter

If you are age 15-30 and live in Utah, we want to hear from you. Share your vision of Healing Out Loud in a video 30 seconds or shorter. It can be anything: original music, dance, spoken word, art, poetry or speech. The only requirement is to be creative and be yourself.

Entering is simple:

Entries must be posted and tagged on Instagram by April 15, 2022. Winners will be announced May 2, 2022.

Contest Prizes

What’s a contest without some great prizes? Winner will have a chance to win:

  • Apple Macbook
  • Apple Watch
  • Adobe Creative Suite software
  • Film studio time
  • 2023 Sundance Film Festival tickets
  • Utah Jazz game suite + catered dinner
  • Real Salt Lake tickets & swag

Winning videos will be featured at a Mental Health Awareness Month event in May 2022. They will also be integrated into a statewide suicide prevention awareness marketing campaign.

Mental health is for everyone. The need for care, love and support is universal. Everyone needs it. It's time for us to lift our voices, share our stories and begin #HealingOutLoud.

Terms & Conditions

To enter the short film contest you must agree to these official rules. Submission of an entry constitutes an agreement to these rules:

There are two contests you may be eligible for participation. There is a student contest for students currently attending a public university, community college or technical college in Utah. The second contest will be for 15-30 year olds that are not enrolled at a public university, community college or technical college in Utah.
To be eligible to win the non-student contest, you must be between the ages of 18-24 living in Utah.
To be eligible to win the student contest, you must be a student enrolled in one of the following Utah public universities, community colleges or technical colleges: Bridgerland Technical College, Davis Technical College, Dixie State University, Dixie Technical College, Mountainland Technical College, Ogden-Weber Technical College, Salt Lake Community College, Snow College, Southern Utah University, Southwest Technical College, Tooele Technical College, Uintah Basin Technical College, University of Utah, Utah State University, Utah Valley University, Weber State University.
Submission Requirements
Submission Deadline
Midnight MST on April 15, 2022.
Judging Process and Prizes
All entries are first pre-screened by contest organizers to ensure entries are eligible. The submissions will then be viewed by a panel of statewide judges, who will select a winner from each University, a winner from the community college and technical college group, and a non-student winner. Winners will be announced May 2, 2022.
Additional Prizes
All winning PSA’s will be featured on the contest website. Additional prizes include:
  • Macbook Pro and other Apple products
  • Adobe Creative Suite software
  • Utah Jazz game suite for 24 people, including catered dinner
  • 2023 Sundance Film Festival tickets
  • Film studio space
  • Tickets & swag for Real Salt Lake 2022 regular season game
  • Winning videos will be shown during a Mental Health Awareness Month event in May 2022
  • Short films will be integrated into the statewide suicide prevention awareness marketing campaign
Submission Formats
Entries must be 30-seconds or shorter in length. The short film can be submitted in video format suitable for sharing via social media. Content can be anything including original music, dance, spoken word, art, poetry, speech. Be creative and be yourself!
Submission Language
Short films in languages other than English are encouraged. Please include English captioning.
Brands and Logos
Please avoid use of brands and logos when creating your video. This can include logos on shirts, brands on laptops, store signs in the background of outdoor shots, etc. You can avoid logos by dressing in clothing without recognizable brands, covering laptop brands with a sticker, or framing your shots so that recognizable stores are not highlighted. While using a brand will not disqualify your short film, it may limit the use of your video in sharing for advocacy purposes due to brand copyright laws.
Music and Copyrights
Entries must meet all copyright standards by obtaining releases for all copyrighted music and materials before submission. Entries that include copyrighted materials (such as images, supers or audiovisual materials) or music (such as music purchased from iTunes or other downloadable services) without the proper permission and signed release forms will be disqualified. Please review the copyrights page for more information. To submit proof of release and permission to use copyrighted materials, please include a signed letter or email from the rights holder that clearly indicates the title of the contest, Healing Out Loud: A Utah Student Short Film Contest, your name and indicates that there is no restriction to how the film containing the copyrighted material is used.
Waiver and Release Statement
Upon submission to the short film contest, participant releases all intellectual, image and voice rights and gives contest organizers the right to, without limitation, exhibit, broadcast, use, reproduce, edit, dub, subtract from, add to or modify the recording and the video in any manner.
Safety & Safe Messaging
Please avoid potentially dangerous production situations that could put you or the public at risk when creating your short film. Safety during the project is of the highest priority. The contest organizers and sponsors take no responsibility and assume no liability for any acts or damages that may result from preparing the materials to submit to this contest.
Further, the short film contest is focused on a sensitive subject that needs to be addressed with respect and understanding for how it might impact you or others involved in the contest. HMHI encourages video submissions to follow “safe messaging” guidelines and avoid increasing risk of suicide for vulnerable individuals. Please do not including graphic images or detailed information related to a suicide attempt or death. Safe messaging promotes resiliency, encourages help-seeking, publicizes prevention successes, and encourages actions that help prevent suicide. Overly graphic video submissions may be excluded and/or trigger warning labels may be added to some video submissions that include sensitive information.
If at any time, you or someone experiences an emotional crisis, call the Utah Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255, or download the SafeUT app to text with a licensed crisis counselor 24/7.
Short films can be disqualified for the following reasons:
  • Providing false information
  • Not meeting the submission deadline
  • Not obtaining the proper release forms or copyright permissions
  • Any other violation of the contest rules

We reserve the right to add warning labels to entries that our experts deem triggering for sensitive viewers. Every effort will be made to preserve the content and voice of the original entry.

The contest organizers reserve the right to disqualify any entry that they believe at their sole discretion to violate these rules.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

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