University Hospital Administration

Administration Staff

Our leadership team is responsible for directing the work at the University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics, as well as the University Neuropsychiatric Hospital.

David Entwistle | Chief Executive Officer
Executive Assistant: Mara Dykstra, 801-587-3572
Dale Spartz, Ph.D. | Chief Hospital Human Resource Officer
Executive Assistant: Michelle Sampson, 801-585-1325
Gordon Crabtree | Chief Financial Officer
Executive Assistant: Karalee Webb, 801-581-7164
Jim Turnbull, DHA | Chief Information Officer
Executive Assistant: Lana Xaochay, 801-587-1286
Margaret Pearce | Chief Nursing Officer
Executive Assistant: Sandra Stanger, 801-581-2682
Quinn L. McKenna | Chief Operating Officer
Executive Assistant: Alexis Winward, 801-581-2377
Tom Miller, M.D. | Chief Medical Officer
Executive Assistant: Sandra Black, 801-581-2482
Bart Adams | Executive Director of the University of Utah Orthopaedic Center
Executive Assistant: LeAnn Chandler, 801-213-3783
Dan Lundergan | Executive Director of Service Lines, Specialty Clinics and Support Services
Executive Assistant: Michelle Sampson, 801-585-1325
Ray Lynch | Executive Director of the Huntsman Cancer Hospital
Executive Assistant: Anita Hills, 801-585-6272
Ross VanVranken | Executive Director of UNI
Executive Assistant: Cristine Platt, 801-587-3115
Tad Morley | Executive Director of Business & Network Development
Executive Assistant: Mikelle Hatcher, 801-581-8879
Wayne Imbrescia | Executive Director of Ambulatory Services and the John Moran Eye Center
Executive Assistant: Cassandra Petersen, 801-581-3787