Parking & Valet Services

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Free valet parking is available to patients and visitors of patients at University of Utah Hospital. When you arrive, please pull all the way forward in the right-hand lane to be greeted by a member of our friendly valet staff. The left-hand lane next to the island is reserved for vehicle delivery, used only by the Valet staff. Wheelchairs and other assistance are available for patients and visitors with special needs.

Tipping of valet staff is not accepted.


Pick-up: Monday–Friday, 6am–6pm

Retrieval: until 7:30pm

Closed on major holidays

If you prefer to park your own vehicle, free parking is available in our patient and patient-visitor parking terrace located on the right side (north west) of the hospital driveway just as you enter. Please note your parking location and the hospital entrance you used.

Valet Services
Phone: 801-585-1768

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