Spiritual Care

University of Utah Hospital recognizes that spiritual care can play an important role in the healing process and contribute substantially to patients' wellbeing. As an integral part of its mission to provide the highest possible quality of care, the hospital offers spiritual care services to patients and their families. Our experienced in-house chaplain is available to visit patients and their families and support their spiritual needs during their hospitalization.

Upon request, the chaplain is available to pray with you and your loved ones, providing anointing and blessing of sick and counsel with people of all faiths and walks of life. Best of all, she genuinely listens and will assist as appropriate. Additionally, a listing is maintained of local clergy in the Salt Lake Valley who can be contacted on your behalf to ensure that you receive all desired services and support. Every effort will be made to provide personalized spiritual care to you and your visiting loved ones.

If you desire a personalized visit from the hospital chaplain, for either yourself or a loved one, or from a local representative of your faith tradition, please call the following.

Internal: FAITH (3-2484)
External: 801-213-2484