“What does art have to do with health and well-being? Art centers the patient in the real world…the world that exists outside the walls of the hospital. They are no longer just an illness, they are a valued individual.”

Bonnie Souliere
Art Specialist
Huntsman Cancer Foundation

When developing plans for Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), Jon and Karen Huntsman saw art as an important part of their vision—"to make sure the environment would be as healing as the medicine."

Today, Huntsman Cancer Institute is home to what amounts to a mid-sized museum of original paintings, sculpture, and pottery—a collection of approximately 2,500 pieces. The significance of this is most appreciated knowing that the entire collection comes solely from donation.

Therapeutic Benefits of Art

  • Lowering stress and anxiety
  • Improving symptoms of depression
  • Relieving the sense of pain and distress, which leads to less need for pain medications
  • Increasing the efficacy of medical treatments
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Providing a more positive attitude and outlook

Self-Guided Tour

Level 1 | Cancer Hospital

Level 2 | Cancer Hospital

Level 3 | Cancer Hospital

Level 4 | Cancer Hospital

Level 5 | Cancer Hospital

Level 6 | Cancer Hospital

Level 6 Continued | Cancer Hospital

Level 6 | Research South

Level 1 | Research South

Pick up a copy of the self-guided tour brochure in the cancer hospital lobby or download the PDF

Featured Artists

Howard Clark

“I am more than willing—now that I have had cancer firsthand and understand the hardships and emotional drama the disease puts the patient and their family through—to give paintings to HCI to help bring some joy to those who look at them.”

Janell James

“Being that we are all somehow affected by cancer, I was inspired to give. To give back to something and to see the important impact art has on healing was immediately gratifying.”

Terry Landa

“I feel very proud to have some of my photographs hanging on the walls at HCI. I sat there for many hours with my son during his chemotherapy treatments and I hope my photos can bring a smile to someone else’s face.”