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Our Services

The Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) Native American Outreach Program helps American Indian/Alaska Native individuals, their families, the community, and the research community by providing the following:

  • Education about cancer prevention, screening, and treatment specifically designed for American Indian/Alaska Native people
  • Youth mentoring to encourage careers in oncology
  • Individual, couples, family, and group cancer support and referral
  • Genetic testing
  • Patient advocacy
  • Grants and research for cancer education programs
  • Reverse capacity building through training, education, and awareness of researchers, doctors, and organizations working with American Indian/Alaska Native communities

The program provides information about cancer risk, warning signs, and screening through public health events, brochures, classes, and radio messages.

Native American Outreach brochure Native American Cancer Warning Signs Native American Cancer Risk brochure native american tobacco cessation
Native American
Cancer Warning Signs
and Screening Information
Native American
Cancer Risk
Native American
Smoking Cessation Campaign

Youth Mentoring
We mentor Native American students to promote careers in oncology. Efforts include offering presentations to middle and high school students about oncology careers and the CURE internship program.

Support and Referral
We provide the following support services on request:

  • Education and outreach programs in American Indian/Alaska Native communities
  • Assistance in navigating the health care system
  • Referrals to medical and support services
  • Support to develop local cancer education services
  • Educational materials for local groups
  • Assistance in ensuring consideration of cultural beliefs and traditions

Genetic Testing
Certain forms of cancer occur at high rates in the American Indian/Alaska Native community. Genetic testing allows people to find out whether they are at higher risk for cancer and take action with screening and prevention. We provide information and referrals for genetic testing on request.

We support American Indian/Alaska Native patients in all aspects of cancer. Advocates can assist patients and their families with navigating the health care system and finding resources and support.

Grants and Research
We obtain grants and research money to benefit the American Indian/Alaska Native community with outreach, education, and student mentoring programs. View a list of grants.

Reverse Capacity Building
Researchers, scientists, doctors, and organizations work to improve cancer education, screening, and care in American Indian/Alaska Native communities. HCI's Native American Outreach Program, through what is called reverse capacity building, helps these people and organizations become more effective in their efforts by providing training and education that improves their understanding of cultural awareness, tribal sovereignty, tribal resources, and networks.