Sun Safe on the Slopes

Safety Fair Planning

Health and Safety Fairs are a great way to get employees actively talking about their health and to make improvement goals. There are many community groups that actively attend these fairs. Not for profit groups are generally the groups you will want to have at your fair as well as groups covered under your health insurance plan. Beware of all multi-level marketing health products. Some groups that you may want to invite include:

  • Your local NCI cancer center’s outreach program 
  • Local health care clinics (dermatology, primary care, physical therapy, dental groups, Planned Parenthood)
  • Local Poison Control Center 
  • Local Red Cross Chapter 
  • Local health department (tobacco control program, health and safety programs)
  • Local Department of Environmental Quality
  • Your resort’s health, wellness and safety programs
  • Other educational resources that you feel would benefit the employees

When scheduling the health and safety fair, remember that a good fair has about 100 people attending each hour. This in mind should help you decide how much time to allot to the fair. You will need to plan incentives to get employees to attend such as treats or free screenings. You will also need to provide each exhibitor with the items they need such as a table, chairs, and possibly electricity.