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Skin Cancer Screenings

Helping your employees access screening can be a great benefit to your staff and their families. By detecting cancer early, you can save on the costs of their treatment and preserve their health below are some ideas for promoting screening among your staff.

Locate a free skin cancer screening in your area
For information on finding a local free skin cancer screening, visit the American Academy of Dermatology.

Sponsor a skin cancer screening
Hosting an employee skin cancer screening at your facility is an excellent way to provide a health benefit to your employees. You can partner with a local dermatologist or with a dermatology group within your health plan. Generally, a dermatologist not only would be providing their time, but also gowns, hand sanitizer and gloves which will be a cost to them. By offering free lift tickets for their contribution, financial assistance with supplies and/or promotion of their services, you may be able to provide a screening for your employees at the resort at little or no cost to you.