Sun Safe on the Slopes


Not all sunscreens are created equally. The best sunscreens will include zinc oxide and maybe some titanium dioxide. But, it won’t have many other chemicals. Good sunscreens are often chalky and difficult to rub in since it creates a physical barrier to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

You may find it difficult to get some of your staff to use the better sunscreens since they are difficult to absorb. They are sometimes more expensive as well. Some sunscreen is better than no sunscreen at all, so be sure to have sunscreen available to your staff at all times.

Some resorts have found that providing sunscreen to guests attracts media attention and a positive response from the community. Dispensers can be placed in the warming areas and in the bathrooms. Remember, sunscreen needs to be stored between 55 and 85 degrees to keep it working.

We have found the Arizona Cancer Center’s Protect Your Skin Program to have an affordable option for purchasing sunscreen with dispensers. You can add your own resort stickers to the dispensers to let guests know that your resort is providing the sunscreen for their use, and to remind them to reapply every 2 hours. Visit their website for more information on their program with details on how to order sun protection kits.