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About Cutting CRC

The American Cancer Society reports that African-American men have the highest death rates from colorectal cancer (CRC) than any other racial group.

The Cutting CRC study seeks to bring understanding to the factors that keep African-American men from getting screened, and to improve screening rates for CRC and other types of cancer.

Read a press release about the Cutting CRC study.

What does the study involve?

The study will be conducted in Utah and Minnesota. It will happen in three phases:

  • The first phase is recruiting African-American men ages 45-75 to participate in focus groups.
  • The second phase puts the study in the field, where participants will take a survey on a smartphone device in local barbershops.
  • The third phase of the study involves development, implementation, and evaluation of interventions.

Who can participate in the first phase?

Black/African-American males can take part who also meet these criteria:
  • Are 45-75 years old
  • Were born in the United States
  • Speak English
  • Own a working telephone
  • Live in Utah or Minnesota

Participants receive free food, a $20 gift card, and an opportunity to enter a random drawing for one of three prizes. You are encouraged to register by March 31, 2019, because space is limited.

For more information or to register, please visit cuttingCRC.com or contact the principal investigator:

Charles R. Rogers, PhD, MPH, MS, CHES