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Building a Movement through the Multiplier Effect

Nov 15, 2021 8:00 AM

When chairman and CEO Peter Huntsman first took the helm of our cancer foundation years ago, he shared his key message to all our present and future donors. He stated, “The time to care about cancer is NOW. NOW before you or a loved one even encounters it. The cures needed tomorrow will be made possible thanks to philanthropy today.” This was his call to action for everyone. Thank you for heeding his call.

Kathy Howa recently celebrated her 19th anniversary cancer free. She was one of our first breast cancer patients. Every year since her diagnosis, she has held breast cancer fundraisers called Swing for Life. Through the years, this event has spread the work of fundraising to many helping hands—both young and old, and of all athletic abilities—to raise much-needed funds. I think of Kathy’s generosity as the “multiplier effect”: when a donor’s passion and generosity inspires others, including those not yet impacted by cancer, to join our cause. Since its inception, Swing for Life has raised $528,000 for Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) and more than $1 million total for cancer research.

Liz Wiscombe, head volleyball coach at Morgan High School, has helped advance Swing for Life’s efforts for the past 11 years. This work commenced one year before their team was touched by cancer. This year alone, the team raised an unprecedented $20,000! This is amazing!

Sigma Chi International Fraternity is yet another example of the multiplier effect and caring about cancer before it ever touches you. Sigma Chi selected Huntsman Cancer Foundation as its charity of choice 16 years ago. It just reached the milestone of raising more than $14 million cumulatively for cancer programs at HCI. And a special shout-out is warranted this very moment to the University of Utah’s Beta Epsilon chapter, which just smashed its previous fundraising numbers for a school year and surpassed the $100,000 mark. (School just began three months ago.) In all, Beta Epsilon plans to raise $150,000 this year.

We recently received two $1 bills in an envelope accompanied by a note written with shaky handwriting. The sender wrote that she wished she could contribute more. I cannot adequately express to you how much that note and that gift meant to our foundation team.

I want to thank and appreciate each and every donor who makes up a part of the multiplier effect. You give us much to appreciate and to be thankful for this November. Happy Thanksgiving.

Susan Sheehan
President and COO
Huntsman Cancer Foundation

Susan Sheehan

President and COO, Huntsman Cancer Foundation