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Reflections on Huntsman Sports Fest

Jun 16, 2021 11:00 AM

Saturday, June 12, was the Huntsman SportsFest. The day marked the first in-person event held by the foundation since the pandemic began. In all, more than 1,000 people participated in running and cycling to raise $500,000 for cancer research. We also reached an important milestone of raising $5 million since the event began in 2010. Eighty-five of the athletes are cancer survivors. Laughter and joy were in equal abundance throughout the day as we cheered on little ones in the KidsK, individuals who ran the 5K and 10K courses, and cyclists who rode from 25 to 140 miles. The athletic events were a symbol of the strength and endurance people fighting cancer exhibit.

The highlights of the day for me were to hear how many achieved a personal best in distance and time.  They consistently noted that the feat was only possible thanks to the team members, the encouragement of coaches, friends, and family, and the training. Isn’t that what fighting cancer is all about? We rely on the knowledge, care, and teamwork of many to pull a person through. From research to frontline caregiving, Huntsman Cancer is a team of thousands, all working toward the eradication of cancer.

I loved seeing a top brain surgeon cycle in support of our patients. I loved seeing Team Jarem return resilient and undefeated. I loved celebrating an 11-year cancer-free anniversary with one cyclist and hugging another cyclist whose cancer has returned. We welcomed a team of diehard cancer advocates who cycled all the way from Reno, Nevada, raising $54,120 along the way. And we welcomed more than 300 first-time participants. Congratulations to our terrific events team and to all of our participants.

It was a wonderful, jubilant, busy, exhausting day for thousands. Take a look below, and see for yourself!


Susan Sheehan
President and COO
Huntsman Cancer Foundation

Susan Sheehan

President and COO, Huntsman Cancer Foundation

Top Fundraisers

Top Fundraising Teams

  1. Ride from Reno - $54,720
  2. Wasatch Global - $38,600
  3. J.R. Smith Racing/Team Fight Cancer - $20,620

Top Individual Fundraisers

  1. Carine Clark - $65,955
  2. Ajay Krishnan - $35,305
  3. Jason Bleak - $19,505

Huntsman Sportsfest Images

Participant in 10K Trail Run
Participant in KidsK
Participant in Huntsman Ride