Jan 24, 2018 4:00 PM

Kirk Bengtzen talks at his business


My mom had cancer. It was breast cancer. Luckily she's a survivor.

My dad was having medical problems and was diagnosed and died 51 days later from cancer. He was only 65. In fact, he died two days after his 65th birthday. It was just devastating to see what cancer can do to a life.

Fortunately for me I was in a good place when I actually got diagnosed. My family was good, life was good. We were just in a really good place.

I was more worried about my family and the effects that it was having on them. The family's the one that seems to always get pushed away. The way Huntsman Cancer Institute embraced my mom and my wife was amazing, I mean, absolutely amazing.

We're always talking about the people have cancer. The people that have either survived or have not. What my wife went through, what my mom went through, what my children went through... there was nothing that I could say to make them feel better. But they're the ones who deserve all the compassion and all the credit.

Adam Cohen, my oncologist, it was amazing how much knowledge this guy had. He would talk about all the different research that's going on up at the hospital and the different things that they're now doing. Walking up and seeing 10 football fields of researchers and research facilities… I mean, something can change like that. Something could change today.

When I sit and listen to Mr. Huntsman talk, I get goosebumps because of his passion to find this cure. And he's gonna do it. I guarantee he's going to do it. If anybody can do it, he can. And I just want to be a small part of that.

We wanted to do something that obviously could recognize our company, something that our employees could get behind, something that our customers could get behind. Our company, Performance Automotive Utah, is so excited to take on this cause.

One thing is for sure: this will affect your life. One way or the other. It could be you, it could be your brother, sister, mom, dad... It's going to affect your life.

And the only way we're going to find a cure is by supporting research. We have the opportunity to support an institute of researchers. They could make it that your dad or mom, or the son or daughter you might have down the road, who could have or would have cancer? They might be able to prevent that from ever happening.

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