Feb 15, 2018 12:00 PM

Author: Mary Beckerle, PhD

Mary Beckerle, PhD, HCI CEO
Mary Beckerle, PhD, HCI CEO

The West conjures up images of miles of open land, exploration, and new frontiers—imagery that uniquely aligns with the mission of Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) to advance cutting-edge cancer research and care in our region.

HCI patients come mostly from five states: Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Nevada. They travel to HCI in search of hope, knowing our care teams dedicate their careers to fighting cancer. By design, HCI’s research and clinical care programs have the best specialists and equipment available to treat the cancers most prevalent in this region, including melanoma, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and childhood cancers, among others. Students come to HCI to participate in our exemplary research and care programs that lead this next generation to pursue bold, new strategies to confront cancer. Established researchers and care providers come to HCI knowing they can practice their craft at a state of-the-art cancer campus, where “the patient first” is a principle that guides every aspect of what we do.

The heartbeat of HCI’s mission emanates from four interconnected buildings nestled into the foothills of Salt Lake City. Thanks to Jon M. and Karen Huntsman and an army of supporters, every detail promotes synergy among researchers, fosters interaction between patients and staff, and provides comfort and healing to individuals and families affected by a cancer diagnosis. Our culture of collaboration is fundamental to our ability to make discoveries and turn them into new strategies to defeat cancer.

Our outreach to people affected by cancer extends beyond our four beautiful buildings. Our commitment to patients who live far from HCI endures, evident through our affiliate hospitals and efforts to reach those in rural and frontier areas by telemedicine. We promise people living within the vast frontiers of the West that we will work tirelessly to offer them the same cancer screening and monitoring services close to home that are available to patients living near our campus.

The West is known for its “can-do” spirit, for the willingness of our people to work together. At HCI, we strive to push the boundaries of cancer research and attain results beyond what we thought possible.

HCI remains ever committed to continuing to be the Mountain West’s destination center for cancer research, education, and treatment. Click on the button above to read a few highlights from the past year of examples of our ongoing work to be The Cancer Center of the West.

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Cancer touches all of us.

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