Sep 28, 2018 9:00 AM

a father and daughter enjoy breakfast together

What if doing one small thing could improve your day? One thing that millions of Americans skip?

Eating breakfast energizes you after a long night with no fuel. Breakfast keeps you focused, makes you more attentive, and helps you thrive throughout the day. It also keeps you from overeating during the rest of the day. You’ve probably heard “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” With these benefits, it is hard to disagree!

If you don’t usually eat breakfast, try an easy idea for busy mornings.

  • Make instant oatmeal and toss in fruit or chopped nuts.
  • Layer plain yogurt, fruit, and crunchy cereal to make a parfait. Crush the fruit before you add it to the yogurt for more flavor.
  • Blend frozen fruit, yogurt, and milk to make a smoothie. Using an ingredient with protein will help you stay full through the morning.
  • Toast a frozen waffle and top it with nut butter and strawberries.
  • Make an egg sandwich with a whole grain English muffin, an egg, low-fat cheese, tomato, and spinach.
  • Top whole grain toast with smashed avocado and a sunny-side up egg.
  • Toast whole grain bread, top it with peanut butter and sliced bananas, and sprinkle it chia seeds.

If you already eat breakfast every day, make a better breakfast by adding veggies.

  • Cook up an omelet with spinach, mushrooms, and diced tomatoes.
  • Add extra veggies to your breakfast sandwich like tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, artichoke, or mushrooms.
  • Add veggies to your smoothie. Try spinach, kale, or carrots—you probably won’t even taste a difference!
  • Fill a breakfast burrito with eggs, beans, veggies, and sweet potatoes. Prep several at once, wrap in foil, and eat them throughout the week.
  • Make a crispy hash with grated sweet potato, bell pepper, onion, and mushrooms.
  • Bake egg muffins by whisking chopped veggies with eggs and low-fat cheese. Bake in a muffin tin for an easy grab-and-go breakfast.
  • If your taste buds don’t crave traditional breakfast foods, leftovers with vegetables make an excellent breakfast!

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