Dec 20, 2018 8:00 AM

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The holiday season is full of comfort foods that give you that warm, cozy feeling. You can enjoy eating this time of year without depriving yourself or eating only boring foods. Here are four tips to enjoy your favorite holiday foods without overdoing it.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Don’t go out feeling famished. Arriving at a party hungry typically leads to overeating. Simple solution: enjoy a satisfying snack before you leave the house. The ideal snack has complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fat. Try these tasty ideas:

  • Cottage cheese with berries
  • Apple with peanut butter
  • Whole-wheat bread with hummus

Fill Up on High-Fiber Foods

Fiber-rich foods keep you feeling full. Fruits, veggies, and whole grains are excellent sources of fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. Most foods high in fiber are low in calories, letting you add volume to your plate without added calories.

Eat Your Favorite Foods Mindfully

Eating your favorite holiday foods should be fun and enjoyable. Let yourself have a sensible portion of the foods and drinks you really love, and focus on enjoying each bite. When you pay attention to how your favorite foods truly taste, you won’t need as much to feel satisfied.

Keep Moving

Build activity into your day through the holidays. Staying active helps you reduce stress and have more energy. Even small amounts of movement add up throughout the day. Try these tips:

  • Take the stairs.
  • Play outside with the kids.
  • Take a 15-minute walking break at work.

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