Nov 06, 2019 1:00 PM

brynn and peter huntsman
Brynn and Peter Huntsman

Leaders of cancer centers across the U.S. came together this week to recognize the contributions of the Jon M. and Karen Huntsman family, their exceptional leadership in advancing cancer research and care and in inspiring others to do the same.

The Champions for Cures award, announced earlier this year, was presented to the Huntsman family by the Association of American Cancer Institutes (AACI) during the organization’s annual meeting held in Washington, D.C. The event is attended by approximately 400 executives from National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers from across the country, along with other organizations. Peter and Brynn Huntsman accepted the award on behalf of the Huntsman family.

Neli Ulrich, PhD, HCI comprehensive cancer center executive director introduced the Huntsman family at the event and shared some of their major contributions to the cancer community. “A first major gift to cancer came in 1993 at $10 million, followed by a $100 million gift in 1995, and many generous gifts until today. These gifts transformed a once-empty hillside into a state-of-the-art comprehensive cancer center,” said Ulrich. Ulrich also highlighted their impact in encouraging others to join them in investing in cancer research – they founded Huntsman Cancer Foundation to provide philanthropic support from the community to HCI. This foundation now enjoys the support of more than one million individuals and organizations.

hci staff with peter and brynn huntsman

When he accepted the award on behalf of his family, Peter Huntsman, chairman and CEO of Huntsman Cancer Foundation, emphasized the need for the cancer research community to engage the support of their communities. “Far beyond the greatest technology that exists in our cancer centers, it is the personal stories of your work that makes the greatest impact,” said Huntsman. “We have the opportunity to affect one of the most noble causes – the health and well-being of our communities. I can think of no greater calling.”

The award recognizes visionary philanthropists whose contributions have made a lasting impact on cancer research, patient care, or on the community, and whose gifts have catalyzed a lasting positive change on a cancer center. This is only the second time this competitive award has been presented.


Cancer touches all of us.

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