Dec 18, 2019 11:00 AM

"Everyone knows someone who has had cancer,” says Heather Arauzo about why she volunteers for Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF). “My mom is a parathyroid cancer survivor. Huntsman Cancer Institute's mission is personal to me and so many others."

Heather’s first volunteer position with HCF was leading an aid station for the Huntsman 140 bike ride (now part of the Huntsman Sports Festival) with the youth from her church. Heather found so much joy in supporting the riders as they rode and raised funds for cancer research that she decided to do it again the following year. This time she made it a family affair and brought along her husband, Carlos, and children, Benjamin, Timothy, Kaleb, and twins Hayden and Breanna (nine, seven, six, and three at the time).

hci staff with peter and brynn huntsman

Nearly a decade later, Heather and her family run the same aid station. Heather says she loves the time she gets to spend with her husband and children while doing something good for someone else. The Arauzo family's favorite part of volunteering at the event is identifying the supporters and survivors by their different jersey colors.

"We love cheering even louder when a cancer survivor is crossing our station and is heading for the finish line," Heather says.

It's important to Heather to share her passion for volunteering because she knows it is essential work.

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"I always thought, I am not a biker, so I couldn't bike the course to raise money. But I could volunteer and help someone else reach their philanthropic goals, and together we could make a difference in raising funds for cancer research." 

In addition to the Huntsman Sports Festival, Heather has since volunteered with the Huntsman Heroes program, a group of individuals who run, bike, and hike together towards a common philanthropic and physical goal. She specifically volunteers with the SLC Marathon and runs the final aid station as runners are about to complete their last mile. She has also volunteered with HCF's annual gala as a gala host, and most recently began volunteering as a VIP tent host at Pink Park City, a ski day to conquer all cancers. 

Jen Murano-Tucker, HCF director of events, says, "Events can’t happen without volunteers like Heather. They’re not only up bright and early to set up and share a smile with the participants, but they are committed to finding a cure for cancer. They have a story too, just like anyone else at the event skiing, running, or riding their bike."

group of volunteers

HCF is so thankful to Heather and the other volunteers like her who support HCI’s mission to eradicate cancer from the face of the earth. 

Are you interested in getting involved? HCF’s next event, Pink Park City, needs teams of volunteers to help set up and tear down, register and check-in participants, manage check-in for VIP guests, and facilitate games and activities at Park City Mountain Resort's base camp. Volunteers will work with Pink Park City sponsors such as The North Face, Bubly, Smartwool, Diamonds Direct, and Waldorf Astoria.

If you are interested in volunteering at Pink Park City on March 28, 2020, or at any other HCF events, please contact our events team at


Cancer touches all of us.

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