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Adalyn Wood and her dad raise money for cancer research at their lemonade and cookie stand.
Adalyn Wood and her dad raise money for cancer research at their lemonade and cookie stand.

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Philanthropy comes in many forms—even the shape of a cookie. For the last six years, Adalyn Wood has sold lemonade and cookies to raise funds for cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). In 2019, with help from her family, she raised more than $1,200 through her Lemonade and Cookies for a Cure stand. Read Adalyn’s own words about what drives her to make a difference.

My dad was diagnosed with cancer when I was four years old. I realized how devastating cancer is for families. I also realized some people are not as fortunate as me to have the people they love survive.

My dad was treated at HCI. When he was so sick, I came to an understanding of how something must be done about cancer. I want to contribute to finding a cure in the small ways I can, so other families can be spared watching people they love fight for their lives.

Donating the money I raise each year to HCI with my Lemonade and Cookies for a Cure stand has affected my life in so many ways. Each year as people donate money at my stand, I hear their story of how cancer has affected their lives. Many have family members fighting cancer right now. This is a disease that affects all of us.

HCI has made me very hopeful for what the future holds for cancer research and a cure. I will never be able to repay HCI for what they have done for me and my family by saving my dad’s life. I hope to live to see the end of cancer.

Adalyn Wood Young
Philanthropist and Cancer Advocate


Will Jackman (third from left) wanted to do something to honor his aunt who is currently receiving treatment for brain cancer. He decided to hold a lemonade stand and contributed the money raised to brain cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute.


Eleven-year-old Addie (far left) held a lemonade stand and sold handmade bookmarks in honor of her grandfather, who passed away from cancer in 2017. She raised more than $500. Addie wanted to raise money for cancer research “so other families won’t have to suffer like mine did,” she says.

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