Brain, Spine and Skull Base Cancer Program

Our Program

The Brain, Spine, and Skull Base Cancer Program at Huntsman Cancer Institute provides each patient with state-of-art medical, surgical, and radiation care. Patients are guided through the process of diagnosis, treatment, and social services to ensure individual needs are met.

Our team of specialists provides these patient services:

  • Highly trained and experienced specialists dedicated to providing each patient with the highest level of care and quality of life.
  • The latest options for surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy to ensure the best possible care, treatment, and recovery for patients.
  • The opportunity to participate in clinical trials to help better understand and treat brain, spine, and skull base tumors.
  • Coordinated care to eliminate unnecessary repeats in labs, travel, and medical images.

Our specialists meet weekly to discuss each patient's diagnosis and to form individualized treatment plans.