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Our Team

Huntsman Cancer Institute’s Breast Cancer Program is a multidisciplinary team that includes physicians from surgical, medical, and radiation oncology, as well as radiologists, pathologists, and reconstructive surgeons. Oncology nurses, genetic counselors, social workers, and rehabilitation specialists, including psychiatrists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists, also work together to provide our patients comprehensive care.

Administrative Leadership

Medical Oncologists
The medical oncology team consists of physicians who specialize in the treatment of breast cancer, nurses, nurse practitioners, and social workers who collaborate to help best meet an individual’s needs and concerns.

Mid-Level Providers


  • Kathy Bower, RN BSN
  • Ann Brinkerhoff, RN
  • Tyson Catmull, RN
  • Lisa Fristrup, RN
  • Angela Larsen, RN
  • Marsha Mills, RN
  • Julie Nielsen, RN
  • Vicki Rosser, RN

Patient and Family Support
Cancer can affect many aspects of a patient’s life. Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) Patient and Family Support staff help patients deal with the emotional, physical, and practical concerns relating to a cancer diagnosis.

  • Lisa Gauchay, LCSW, Social Worker

Surgical Oncologists
The surgeon will work with the patient on an individualized treatment plan using the latest techniques and equipment to provide the best possible outcome.

Reconstructive Surgery
Patients who undergo mastectomy may opt for breast reconstruction immediately after surgery or at a later date under the care of a highly qualified plastic surgeon.

Surgery Nurses

  • Kimberly Harding, RN
  • Jill Payne, MD
  • Heidi Winegar, RN

Radiation Oncologists
Doctors and other specialists provide radiation oncology treatment using high-energy X-rays to target cancerous tumors. Some patients receive radiation oncology treatment at Huntsman Cancer Institute while continuing cancer care at other locations.

Radiation Oncology Nurses

  • Lacey Silva, RN
  • Ruth Lee, RN
  • Tony Nelson, RN

Other Breast Team Members

  • Rachel Factor, MD, Pathologist
  • Deborah Fletcher, PharmD, Pharmacist
  • Lisa Gauchay, LCSW, Social Worker
  • Annie Nebeker, LCSW, Social Worker
  • Lori Maness, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Christopher Moss, High Risk Genetics Coordinator

Oncology Patient Coordinators

  • Stephanie Seegmiller
  • Janet Wright

Outpatient Service Specialists

  • Lisa Limberg
  • Laura De La Torre
  • Julie Endito
  • Lynda Valerio
  • Leslie Anderson