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The key to making a realistic facial
prosthesis lies within matching shapes
and color (above), as well as the
translucency (below).
fp eartransparency

Facial prosthetics help restore the form and function of damaged or disfigured portions of the face. Although surgical reconstruction is often available and effective, it does have limitations. In many cases, a facial prosthesis is the best choice, providing better appearance and function with less risk of complications.

At Huntsman Cancer Hospital's onsite lab, a trained anaplastologist (facial prosthetist) works personally with each individual to create a custom prosthesis precisely matched to skin color and translucency. The research done at HCI is what makes our prostheses so life-like (click here to learn more). Molded in flexible silicone rubber, the prosthesis is a sculpted mirror image of the missing ear or eye. A nose is shaped using photographs as guides.

We depend on your input as we make the prosthesis to help assure your satisfaction with the finished product. Our one-time fee includes all appointments needed.

View our facial prosthetics brochure for more information.


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