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Victor - Ogden, UT

fps congenital1Victor was born with microtia/atresia of the right ear. When he was 6 years old, he completed surgeries to reconstruct his ear using rib cartilage. Victor and his parents were happy with the results. However, when his atresia was repaired a year later, the surgery unexpectedly compromised the ear. His plastic surgeon then recommended looking into prosthetics again. Victor received a prosthetic ear at age 8 and is very happy with it. Prior to receiving it, he was worried it would come off when playing sports. He was assured that if it were made in such a way, it would hold securely. It turned out not to be as big of an issue as he thought. After wearing it for a few months, Victor takes the ear off at times when he swims. He says his skin underneath itches when it gets hot. Despite the nuances of having a prosthetic ear and the approximate 5 minutes it takes each day to care for it, Victor thinks it is well worth it.

After Victor received his prosthesis, he wrote the following letter to his health insurance company: