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Our Program

Huntsman Cancer Institute’s Gynecology Cancer Program diagnoses and treats all cancers of the female reproductive tract, including ovarian, endometrial/uterine, cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancers.

This facility has teams of medical, radiation, and surgical oncologists with practice specialties in gynecologic cancers. In addition, the multidisciplinary team includes specialists involved in the screening and prevention of gynecologic cancers, including genetic counseling and genetic testing for individuals who are at risk for gynecological cancers. The multidisciplinary team also includes experts in pain and quality of life management in cancer care.

The specialized services at Huntsman Cancer Institute’s Gynecology Cancer Program include participation in multiple institutional and national clinical trials for the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological cancers.

For more information, learn about participating in a clinical trial or talk with your doctor about research studies in which you may be eligible to participate.