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The Family Cancer Assessment Clinic (FCAC) at Huntsman Cancer Institute helps people with a considerable personal or family history of cancer. Our doctors and genetic counselors help patients find out whether genes play a role in their personal or family health history. They may suggest cancer screenings based on that information. Our team can help patients decide whether to have genetic testing and provide information about research programs and studies at Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Huntsman Cancer Institute offers genetic counseling services to individuals at increased risk for cancer based on their personal or family history. In the FCAC, we have a team of board-certified and licensed genetic counselors who meet with individuals and their family to discuss cancer risk assessment and appropriate medical management recommendations to reduce the risk of cancer.

Genetic counselors at Huntsman Cancer Institute also meet with patients to discuss the option of genetic testing and answer any questions about the process, as well as interpret genetic test results in the context of a patient’s personal and family history.