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Research Studies

fcac researchDuring your Family Cancer Assessment Clinic (FCAC) appointment at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), the genetic counselor and physician may discuss research opportunities. Participating in research can have many benefits:

  • Research can help find more of the gene mutations that may increase cancer risks in families.
  • Research can lead to new screening techniques or treatments.
  • Research studies and registries can keep participants up to date with recent developments relating to their condition.

Research Registries
A registry is a database that contains information about patients with similar conditions, cancers, precancerous lesions, and family cancer histories. Scientists use this information for research. Participants in registries have many opportunities to become involved in research.

Participant involvement may include the following:

  • Attend a clinic
  • Fill out surveys
  • Give a blood specimen
  • Release copies of medical records to research study or registry

Usually, participating in a research study costs nothing. Registries keep personal information confidential—sharing it with researchers only to the degree to which participants consent.

HCI offers multiple research studies, clinics, and registries in which patients and their families can participate. For more information on research opportunities at HCI, visit the High Risk Cancer Research Clincs and Studies website.

For those interested in options outside HCI, FCAC genetic counselors and physicians can help find research studies at other institutions.