High Risk Breast Clinic

Our Team

saundra buys Saundra Buys PhD., Principle Investigator, received her MD degree from Tufts University in Boston. She is Professor of Medicine in the division of Oncology at Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah Health and specializes in the treatment of breast cancer. Dr. Buys is co-director of the Family Cancer Assessment Clinic which provides genetic counseling, testing, and recommendations about management of risk to individuals with a family history of cancer. Her research interests are in the areas of genetic predisposition to breast and ovarian cancer and screening for cancer, including a recently-completed study on the effect of screening for ovarian cancer.

david goldgar David Goldgar PhD., Principle Investigator, is a research professor in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Utah and member of the Cancer Control and Population Sciences (CCPS) Program at Huntsman Cancer Institute. His research involves the genetic study of breast cancer and melanoma. He studies methods to clinically classify the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, the most well-known genes for breast cancer. Before leaving the University of Utah to assume the position of chief of the Genetic Epidemiology Unit at the International Association of Cancer Research in Lyon, France, he was a member of the team that led to the localization, cloning, or characterization of the cancer predisposing BRCA1, BRCA2, and CDKN2A (p16) mutations. Dr. Goldgar joined the CCPS Program in 2008 upon his return to the University of Utah. He earned a bachelor's degree and PhD from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Karen O'Toole Karen O’Toole RN CCROP, Project Manager – Legacy Girls Study. Karen has worked for 12 years as a staff nurse in an oncology, med-surg, infectious disease unit, with specialized training and certification in oncology since 1993. She currently enjoys working in patient and public education at the Huntsman Cancer Institute (since 1999) and has had the pleasure of working with the Prostate, Lung, Ovarian, and Colon (PLCO) Clinical Trial, National Lung Screening Trial, STAR Trial, and now LEGACY.  She is also involved with the High Risk Breast Cancer Clinic at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Tom Conner Tom Conner CRC, Clinical Research Coordinator - HRBCC,. Tom has been with the University of Utah for 25 years working on a variety of cancer related research projects. Upon graduating from the University of Utah he worked for the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine on a study assessing a possible relationship between cigarette smoking and radon exposure before moving on to The Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial, a study looking at the effectiveness of early screening for several cancers. For the past 15 years he has worked as research coordinator for the High Risk Breast Cancer Clinic/Breast Cancer Family Registry and a number of projects related to the Registry. One of those projects, the IMPACT Study, is a large international effort examining the incidence of prostate cancer in men with BRCA 1/2 mutations.

Rebecca stoffel Rebecca Stoffel, Study Coordinator – HRBCC. Rebecca has recently become a member of the High Risk Breast Cancer Clinic team (2014) while still maintaining her involvement as a study coordinator with the Melanoma Research Program (BRIGHT Project) . She coordinates patient scheduling and correspondence and manages study documentation. Rebecca graduated with an H.B.S. in psychology from the University of Utah in 2012.

Cathie Ricci Cathie Ricci, Research Assistant – Legacy Girls Study. Cathy began her work at the Huntsman Cancer Institute as Administrative Secretary for the Wellness Center, where she loved connecting cancer patients and their families with programs and services that brought balance and hope into their lives. She transitioned to the Legacy Girls Study in December of 2014 to support participant appointments and help record data. Cathy has a BA in Sociology and experience in offices, classrooms, lay ministry and volunteer services.