High Risk Breast Clinic

Patient Resources

Linda B. and Robert B. Wiggins Wellness-Survivorship Center 
The Wellness-Survivorship Center offers programs and services that promote well-being during and long after cancer treatment. Learn more by visiting the Wellness-Survivorship Center website

Family Cancer Assessment Clinic
The Family Cancer Assessment Clinic (FCAC) at Huntsman Cancer Institute helps people with a considerable personal or family history of cancer. Our doctors and genetic counselors can help patients find out whether genes play a role in their personal or family health history. They may suggest cancer screenings based on that information. Our team can help patients decide whether to have genetic testing and provide information about research programs and studies at Huntsman Cancer Institute. Learn more by visiting the FCAC website

Pancreas Cancer Research Program
The mission of the Pancreas Cancer Research Program (PCRP) at Huntsman Cancer Institute is to reduce suffering from pancreas cancer and improve survival rates for patients with the disease. Three goals evolve from this mission: preventing pancreas cancer, detecting it early, and improving treatment options. The PCRP, a component of the GI Cancer Research Program, combines the expertise of specialized researchers and clinicians with the resources of the Utah Population Database to identify and study genetic and other factors contributing to pancreatic cancer. Learn more by visiting the PCRP website

G. Mitchell Morris Cancer Learning Center 
The G. Mitchell Morris Cancer Learning Center (CLC) is a resource for current information about cancer, its prevention, and its treatments. The CLC offers information specifically for cancer patients. Patients, their family members, and the public may check out books, tapes, and their materials free of charge. Learn more by visiting the CLC website

Nutrition Services 
Nutrition is an important part of care before, during, and after cancer treatments. Clinical dieticians are a part of the team approach to treatment and can help patients manage some of the side effects relating to cancer treatments. To schedule an appointment, please call 801-587-4586 or visit the Wellness Center on the first floor of HCI. Learn more by visiting the Nutrition Care Services website.

The High Risk Cancer Research Clinics and Studies
High Risk Cancer Research Clinics and Studies provide information for investigations about the genetics and inheritance of cancer. Through these clinics, eligible participants are enrolled into cancer research studies. The clinics provide support for individuals and families with an increased risk of developing cancer, providing education and, in some cases, cancer screening services. The clinics are staffed by physicians, genetic counselors, research coordinators, and other support staff.

Because the High Risk Cancer Research Clinics and Studies are research-focused and have defined goals, participants must meet certain enrollment criteria. Other high risk clinics will be added to the program in the future. Learn more by visiting the HRCR website.