High Risk Melanoma Research Program

Research Studies

Currently the High Risk Melanoma Research Clinic has several studies ongoing or in the planning phase.

The BRIGHT Study (Behavior, Risk Information, Genealogy and Health Trial) examines psychological impacts and evolution of personal beliefs related to melanoma, and how participants process counseling recommendations and knowledge of genetic test results to reduce sun exposure.

The BRIGHT Kids study considers similar outcomes in children. 

If you were previously enrolled in the Melanoma Research Registry, please note that this registry was merged into a larger, more efficient resource to inform participants about upcoming research opportunities. This new registry is known as the Cancer Genetics Study.   The data that we previously collected from you in the Melanoma Research Registry will now be stored in the Cancer Genetics Study. If new studies become available that you might be eligible to participate in, you will now be contacted through the Cancer Genetics Study. This resource will centralize the identification and recruitment of high-risk individuals, store their data and biospecimen samples in order to maximize efficiency, minimize participant burden, and forward research in this key area.

The SPARK Study