Infusion Center

Our Program

Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to treat cancer. Chemotherapy drugs work by interfering with a fast-growing cancer cell's ability to reproduce or grow. There are three goals of chemotherapy treatment:

  • To cure cancer when possible
  • To palliate or improve the duration and/or quality of patient survival
  • To study new treatments through clinical trials

Huntsman Cancer Institute's Infusion Center provides the highest quality patient care with excellent patient outcomes. Our specialized nurses educate each patient about specific treatments and possible side effects, and carefully monitor each patient through the infusion process.

Our staff will make treatments as comfortable as possible, providing pillows, warm blankets, magazines, books, and VCR/DVD players with a large selection of movies. Snacks and beverages are also available or you can pick up food from our restaurants, The Point and The Bistro.

For more information about the Huntsman Cancer Institute Infusion Center, please call 801-585-0162.