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Chemotherapy Education

To help patients learn more about chemotherapy, Huntsman Cancer Institute offers a variety of educational materials about chemotherapy drugs and how they are given, and side effects, nutrition, advice for caregivers, and other treatment-related issues.


The chemotherapy class is an introduction to cancer and its treatment with chemotherapy. It covers basic concepts, processes, and side effect management. Classes are offered the first and third Thursdays of each month at 5 p.m. For more information call 801-585-0162.


Welcome to Huntsman Cancer Institute
Jon M. Huntsman gives a brief overview of Huntsman Cancer Institute. Then see a short introduction of what patients can expect upon their first visit (4 minutes).

Chemo 101
HCI doctors, nurses, and patients give a brief introduction to what patients can expect when undergoing chemotherapy (11 minutes).

Coping with Chemotherapy
Shelley White discusses the services provided by Huntsman Cancer Institute for patients coping with cancer (2 minutes).

Printed Materials

Chemotherapy and infusion patient education factsheets