Lymphoma Program

Patient Stories

"I wasn't sure what to expect coming in (though I had spoken with someone who had been there). I was impressed with how thorough everyone was. No one seemed rushed or in a hurry to leave. I was grateful for the information and left feeling much better than when I arrived (about my care going forward)."
"The care takers are very good. They are skilled and experienced."
"Outstanding facility, outstanding professionals! I have the ultimate confidence in them all."
"I have recommended the clinic to everyone I know as my experience has been so wonderful that I can't put into words how I feel about everyone there who have helped me through my journey. It's been such a positive experience even though the circumstances weren't the greatest to begin with."
"I was very pleased with the entire experience at Huntsman, it greatly improved my psychological outlook regarding my condition."
"I always refer people to HCH, HCI because of the fabulous treatment I receive from my doctor and her PA's, NP's etc. I always feel like I am treated as a person, not as a condition, and that my opinions of my treatments are valued. Thank you!"