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Our Services

Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) offers a variety of services to detect and treat skin cancer. Multidisciplinary teams of specialists in the medical, nutritional, and emotional aspects of melanoma meet to design the best treatment plan for each patient.

Clinics and Programs

Skin cancer screening 
Total body skin exams by a dermatologist or other health care provider can find skin cancers early, while they are easier to treat. HCI holds a free skin cancer screening day every spring. HCI’s mole mapping service provides a way to track changes for people who have atypical or large numbers of moles. People with a personal or family history of melanoma can visit the Family Cancer Assessment Clinic.

Multidisciplinary melanoma clinic
In this clinic, patients with melanoma are seen by multiple specialists who may be involved in their health care.

Surgery clinic
This clinic is for patients requiring any type of surgical skin cancer removal.

Patient follow-up
This clinic focuses on the early detection of recurrence in patients who previously have had a skin cancer diagnosed and treated.