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Practical Concerns

Patients with cancer have a lot of questions relating to practical concerns such as employment, finances, and where to stay when traveling for treatment.

For help with financial-related questions and concerns, please call Huntsman Cancer Institute's financial Advocates at 801-213-4331

For help finding lodging and accommodations, or for information about the Huntsman Cancer Institute apartments for patients in long-term treatment, please call HCI's Resource Coordinator Adrienne Wilson at 801-530-0385.

Additional Information

Financial Assistance

The Cancer Resource Guide lists local and national financial assistance programs. Call the G. Mitchell Morris Cancer Learning Center at 1-888-424-2100 for a free copy. The guide is sponsored by Huntsman Cancer Institute and the Utah Cancer Action Network. 

Places to Stay

Create an Online Sharing Community and Caregiver Help Calendar

Lotsa Helping Hands offers free tools designed to make life easier for caregivers and volunteers. The hallmark of the service is the caregiver-focused Help Calendar, which enables members to schedule and sign up for tasks that provide respite for the caregiver including meals for the family, rides to medical appointments, and visits. Members can also communicate with one another through message boards, post personal blogs, share photos, and send well wishes to the family. And Coordinators can safely store and retrieve vital information for the family – from medical and health records to financial and legal documents. Caregivers benefit from the gifts of much needed help, emotional support, and peace of mind, while volunteers find meaning in giving back to those in need.  Learn more or create a community for someone you love today by visiting My Cancer Circle.