Urology Cancer Program


Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) physicians take an aggressive approach to treating patients with urologic cancers. If tests confirm a urologic cancer, HCI offers a variety of treatment options, including the following:

  • Surgery to remove the tumor and nearby affected tissues, with an emphasis on techniques that preserve function
  • Chemotherapy, given before surgery to shrink the tumor or afterward to kill additional cancer cells
  • Radiation therapy, the delivery of finely focused beams of radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors

Doctors may recommend one of these approaches, or a combination of them, depending on the type of cancer and the extent of the tumor's growth and stage. HCI doctors create treatment plans based on each patient's individual needs and can work with a patient's personal physician to assure continuity of care.

HCI physicians are conducting a number of clinical trials of new chemotherapy drugs, drug combinations, and other treatment approaches for urologic cancers. For information on clinical trials that are currently enrolling patients, please visit our clinical trials website or call 801-581-4477.

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