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Participant Testimonials

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“Hi Annie. Thank you so much what profound experience for me.”

“Hello my friend I hope you and your husband and extended families on both side of planet earth are well.
I am so happy Dr. Boyer cleared me for acupuncture! I will get in ASAP!
I honestly cried with joy the relief you made possible and care you radiate are magic .
Thank you for always caring about my entire being and always making me happy .
Love and light always Joey Malcolm”

"Everything and everyone here is awesome! Such a positive and helpful group of people."
- acupuncture, POWER program, massage therapy, and nutrition counseling participant

"I am very impressed by the staff at the Wellness Center. They do a wonderful job
and make each patient comfortable and help with their issues."
- massage therapy and POWER program participant

"Massage therapy is critical to my mental and physical well-being. The therapists are
skilled and compassionate. The Wellness Center allows me to feel at home
whenever I come in for an appointment."
- acupuncture and massage therapy participant

"The cancer exercise specialists have been extremely helpful in increasing my
strength, relieving scar tissue pain, and providing me with encouragement
and new confidence in caring for myself. Techniques I learned in the POWER
program have helped me manage anxiety and panic attacks."
- POWER program participant

"I have received several massages to help me relax from the stress of taking
care of my husband who has lung cancer. It has been such an amazing
experience. I really appreciate this service being offered to caregivers."
- massage therapy participant

"Massage is really relaxing (and) makes you feel a lot better."
- massage therapy participant

"I did not know what to expect coming in. I really enjoyed the treatment and feel it helped me in the fingers and sinus."
- acupuncture participant


"Thank you Monica and Annie for keeping my body put together so I can do what I love after cancer treatment!
The Wellness Center has been very helpful in my healing after undergoing treatment for breast cancer twice in
the past 5 years. I am back to the active life I loved prior to diagnosis."
- massage therapy and acupuncture participant


"So nice to have a therapist trained to help with scar tissue and effects from radiation. Thank you!"
- massage therapy participant


"Thank you for this amazing resource."
- massage therapy participant


"I feel so much better and relaxed."
- massage therapy participant


"Powerful visualizations! These help me find peace in my journey back to health."
- yoga participant


"I'm an allopathic physician (a surgeon in fact) and am blown away by the health benefits of acupuncture.
It is getting me through chemotherapy and I will continue for stress management when chemo is over.
I am amazed by the usefulness of this service. I’ll begin recommending it to my own patients.
It has changed my life,  and the comprehensive approach to treating cancer and the compassion shown
by the personnel in the Wellness Center are unparalleled. I am so grateful. Thank you for providing this service."
- acupuncture, POWER program, and nutrition counseling participant


"Your Wellness Center is a wonderful haven of calm, hope, and camaraderie set in a beautiful, peaceful place.
From the gentlemen who happily park my car to the people who coordinate the programs, each lifts my spirit
from the moment of arrival. I could not afford to benefit from these wonderful, healing, and diverse services
in the public spectrum. Your Wellness Center provides a way to receive these wonderful, nurturing, and caring programs."
- acupunture participant

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The Wellness and Integrative Health Center is located on the first floor of Huntsman Cancer Institute's Cancer Hospital.

Contact us for more information about our services or to schedule an appointment.