Nursing Services

Nursing Services


Sue Childress

Director of Nursing

"Welcome to Huntsman Cancer Institute's (HCI) Nursing Service website. HCI has a strong nursing program that works closely with other professionals to provide a holistic approach to cancer treatment. Nursing Services at HCI exist to provide expert nursing care to patients and families before, during, and after their experience with cancer. Our nurses value compassion, collaboration, diversity, integrity, innovation, continuous improvement, advocacy, and respect. Please take a minute to look at our specialty nursing departments. Contact information is available if you have an interest in a specific department, or please feel free to contact me directly."

—Sue Childress

HCI Nursing Philosophy

Nurses at HCI bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and humanity to our professional roles. Our combined understanding about cancer, nursing practice, and quality enable us to contribute to the patient's interdisciplinary treatment plan in a manner that reflects the science (evidence-based and consistent) and art (patient-focused and relationship-driven) of nursing. Professional nursing practice at HCI requires nurses who are educated and skilled in our clinical specialties and in interpersonal relationships. We will work together to design, implement, and improve the practice infrastructure in order to fulfill our mission to our patients. Fundamental to our practice infrastructure are patient education programs and materials; mechanisms for communication and coordination; staff education relative to defined competencies; and leadership and decision-making processes that tap into our individual and collective knowledge, experience, and humanity.

"Caring Continuum" University of Utah Nursing Video



For more information about Nursing Services, contact Sue Childress:
801-587-4754 or 801-585-9755