Nursing Services

Employment Opportunities

Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah combines a state-of-the-art medical environment with a dynamic academic setting. Our nurses benefit from a supportive atmosphere that inspires and fosters learning.

As integral members of multidisciplinary teams, our nurses provide patient-focused care that enables them to express and share their oncology skills. Teams include physicians; pharmacists; pain and palliative care specialists; respiratory, occupational, and physical therapists; social workers; dietitians; clinical nutritionists; and cancer educators.

Our nurses care for patients who have received surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and/or biotherapy, or who may be participating in clinical trials.

Visit the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics nursing recruitment website to learn more, including special benefits offered to our nurses.

For more information about Nursing Services, contact Sue Childress:
801-587-4754 or 801-585-9755