Nursing Services

Surgical Oncology Unit


Melinda Patterson

Inpatient 5th floor
Nurse Manager

The 34-bed surgical oncology unit is located on the fifth floor of the cancer hospital. Our patients recover here from surgery treating various cancers, including urological, gynecologic, orthopaedic, and brain cancers, among others.

Our dedicated nurses provide expert post-operative care, teaching and involving the patient and family in cooperative care. Our competent staff provide safe, efficient, timely, and patient-centered care while coordinating with a multidisciplinary team and integrating evidence-based practices to continuously improve care. We provide multiple resources to our staff, including ongoing education to regularly update their oncology knowledge base and skill sets.

Melinda Patterson, RN, BSN 
HCH5: 801-587-4569

For more information about Nursing Services, contact Sue Childress:
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