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2015 report

Experimental Therapeutics Member Directory

The Experimental Therapeutics (ET) Program is organized to facilitate transdisciplinary collaborations and to accelerate the progress of patient-oriented research to clinical translation and care of patients with cancer.

The ET Program is organized into two themes: 1) Drug Discovery/Drug Delivery, where program members work to discover new agents that can be developed into drugs used to target cancer cells; and 2) Clinical Research, where program members ensure the execution of clinical research at HCI and the translation of important Cancer Center discoveries to human applications. Program goals fall within these two themes and include the following:

  • Provide new approaches to individualized cancer diagnosis and therapy via investigator-initiated therapeutic, imaging, and imaging-guided clinical trials.
  • Foster bidirectional translation of discoveries between the laboratory and the clinic through collaborations and scientific synergy among ET Program members, other program members, and HCI practicing clinicians.
  • Develop novel therapies to meet unmet clinical needs in cancer through collaboration and interaction with HCI multidisciplinary disease groups and disease-oriented research teams.
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Program projects include development of targeted chemotherapeutic agents, second-generation polymeric carriers of anti-cancer drugs, design of macromolecular-targeted therapeutics with selective inhibitory effects on various types of malignancies, biomarker development for diagnosis, prognosis, staging, and response to therapy, and development of an active Phase I clinical trial program.

The ET Program is led by Sunil Sharma, MD, who provides the interdisciplinary clinical and scientific expertise necessary to integrate research efforts across program membership with diverse research interests. The Program facilitates linking of basic science resesarch to clinical oncology with the resulting outcome being of a significant programmatic interest in investigator-initiated trials for imaging, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

The Experimental Therapeutics Program received $14.8 million in total research support from the National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society, the National Science Foundation, and other funding agencies in 2013, with 28% coming from the National Cancer Institute. Cancer-focused articles published between 2009-2013 total 550, of which 28% involved collaborations with other Cancer Center members and 66% involved external partnerships.

Martin McMahon, PhD

Martin McMahon

HCI, Room 5263

ET Membership Directory


Name E-mail Research Interests Website
Agarwal, JayantJayant Agarwal e-mail Plastic surgery and reconstructive microsurgery.
Agarwal, NeerajNeeraj Agarwal e-mail Prostate and kidney cancers  
Akerley, WallaceWallace Akerley e-mail Experimental therapeutics, clinical trials in oncology  
Andtbacka, RobertRobert Andtbacka e-mail

Developing new modalities for the detection of sentinel lymph nodes in patients with melanoma and breast cancer.

Atanackovic, DjordjeDjorde Antanackovic e-mail Development of novel immunotherapeutic approaches including tumor vaccinations, immunomodulatory antibodies, and the adoptive transfer of receptor-modified T cell.  
Bae, You HanYou Han Bae e-mail Anticancer drug carrier design targeting MDR
Barnette, PhillipPhillip Barnette e-mail Acute childhood leukemia, therapeutic advances in childhood leukemia
Bernard, PhilipPhillip Bernard e-mail Molecular diagnostics of solid and soft tumors website
Bronner, MaryMary Bronner e-mail Cancerous cell growth in the gastrointestinal tract
Chen, MingnanMingnan Chen e-mail Polypeptide-based nanoparticles to delivery cancer-stem cell-specific drugs to halt drug resistance or/and metastasis
Chou, DannyDanny Chou e-mail Pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry
Cohen, AdamAdam Cohen e-mail Personalizing treatment decisions for brain and breast cancer
Colman, HowardHoward Colman e-mail Treatment of primary and metastatic brain tumors
Couriel, DanielDaniel Couriel e-mail

My Research Interests are in Bone Marrow Transplantation. Participating in the are of acute and chronic graft-versus-host disease.

Deininger, MichaelMichael Deininger e-mail

Molecular therapy of hematologic malignancies: target and drug discovery; biomarkers to predict clinical response.

Franzini, Raphael e-mail

The development of DNA-Encoded libraries as an advanced tool for drug discovery and the pursuit of ligand-targeted therapeutics as anticancer drugs.

Gaffney, DavidDavid Gaffney e-mail

Radiotherapy for gynecology; breast; lymphoma.

Garrido-Laguna, IgnacioIgnacio Garrido-Laguan e-mail Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA)
Ghandehari, HamidHamid Ghandehari e-mail Design of new polymers for gene therapy of head and neck cancer
Gupta, SumatiSumati Gupta e-mail

Bladder cancer and to develop a bladder cancer research program.

Halwani, AhmadAhmad Halwani e-mail Immunotherapy/immunomodulation as a therapeutic modality for cancer treatment
Hoffman, JohnJohn Hoffman e-mail

Molecular imaging; PET imaging; imaging of cancer-associated physiologic changes and complications.

Ireland, ChrisChris Ireland e-mail

Cancer genetics; marine natural products.

Janat-Amsbury, MargitMargit Janat-Amsbury e-mail

Development of novel, mainly nanotechnology- based systems for clinical cancer therapy.

Jensen, RandyRandy Jensen e-mail Brain tumor angiogenesis and hypxoxia website
Kadrmas, DanDan Kadrmas e-mail Biomaterials and drug delivery, positron emission tomography (PET) imaging
Kim, Sung WanSung Wan Kim e-mail Medical polymers and drug delivery, angiogenesis targeting
Koh, Mei Yeemei-koh.jpg e-mail How low oxygen or hypoxia within solid tumors influences tumor progression and resistance to therapy; identification of new therapeutic strategies and/or biomarkers for the treatment of cancer
Kopecek, JindrichJindrich Kopecek e-mail Biomaterials and drug delivery
Kovacsovics, TiborTibor Kovacsovics e-mail Prevention and treatment of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and Multiple Myeloma
Looper, RyanRyan Looper e-mail Synthesis of new compounds with under-utilized or under-appreciated mechanisms of action, with a particular interest in natural product-inspired compounds that cause zinc-dyshomeostasis in cancer cells.
Maughan, BenjaminBenajmin Maughan e-mail Mechanisms of resistance and predictive biomarkers to current, FDA approved therapies; biomarkers of efficacy and resistance to immunotherapy (specifically checkpoint blockade) in genitourinary oncology
McIntosh, MichaelMichael McIntosh e-mail Utilization of alpha-conotoxins as selective antagonists to combat intractable pain and treat/prevent chemotherapy-induced neuropathy
McMahon, MartinGlen Morrell e-mail Signal transduction, oncogenes, tumor suppressors, experimental therapeutics, mouse models of cancer
Morrell, GlenGlen Morrell e-mail Breast MRI and MRI characterization of breast cancer
Morton, KathrynKathryn Morton e-mail

Molecular imaging; PET imaging; Imaging of cancer-associated physiologic changes and complications

Mulvihill, SeanSean Mulvhill e-mail Biology of pancreatic cancer
Olivera, Baldomero (Toto)Baldomero Olivera e-mail Pharmacology of components of cone snail venom; highly selective ligands for ion channels, receptors, and transporters that have strong potential for non-opioid pain relief
Owen, ShawnShawn Owen e-mail

Creating biopharmaceuticals (e.g. antibodies, growth factors) that can be used for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Parker, DennisDennis Parker e-mail

MR angiography; MRI scanner design; MRI guided thermal ablation of tumors

Peterson, RandallRandall Perterson e-mail

Discovery and development of novel therapeutics.

Porter, MarcMarc Porter e-mail

Innovations in nanotechnology for creating ultrasensitive and real-time assays to detect cancer markers including PSA and pancreatic cancer

Josef PrchalJosef Prchal e-mail

Germ line and somatic mutations leading to myeloproliferative disorders

Radhakrishnan, Sabari e-mail

Research interests: Development of CAR T cells and monoclonal antibodies against novel cancer targets; immunotherapy in multiple myeloma

Radojcic, VedranVedran Radojcic e-mail

Research interests: Notch signaling in adaptive and innate immunity during anti-tumor responses following allogeneic transplantation (e.g. graft-versus-host disease, GVHD)

Raetz, Elizabeth AnnElizabeth Raetz e-mail

Treatment of all pediatric cancers and hematologic disorders, with an emphasis on acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and lymphoma.

Randall, R. LorLor Randall e-mail Genetics of sarcoma website
Sborov, DouglasSborov Douglas e-mail Myeloma patients with novel therapeutic options. Optimizing reovirus, a viral oncolytic agent.
Scaife, CourtneyCourtney Scaife e-mail

Pancreas cancer modeling; mechanisms of metastases.

Shami, PaulPaul Shami e-mail

Nitric oxide and hematopoietic cell biology; acute leukemia; myelodysplastic syndromes

Shrieve, DennisDennis Schrieve e-mail

Intrinsic radiosensitivity of human tumors; mechanisms of intrinsic cellular resistance to radiation and chemotherapy and combined chemotherapy/radiotherapy.

Stephens, Deborahstephens-deborah.jpg e-mail

Novel therapeutics and resistance to current treatments of lymphoma and CLL.

Sweetenham, JohnJohn Sweetenham e-mail

Development of the new treatment strategies for malignant lymphomas.

Wang, XuliXuli Wang e-mail

Development of targeted therapeutics for advanced cancers; design of theranostics for cancer imaging and therapy.

Ward, JohnJohn Ward e-mail

Breast cancer prevention trials; breast cancer treatment guidelines.

Werner, TheresaTheresa Werner e-mail High risk breast/ovarian cancer
Yap, JeffreyJeffrey Yap e-mail

Evaluation and characterization of therapeutic response using imaging biomarkers.