GMAP Series

Cancer Research Education Grants Program to Promote Diversity (25)” PowerPoint presented by Davyd Chung, PhD, Program Director at NCI CRCHD Diversity Training Branch

“The HPV Vaccine: FDA Approval was just the Beginning” presented by Dr. Douglas R. Lowy, Laboratory of Cellular Oncology, Center for Cancer Research; National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health

GMAP Series Diversity Supplement Webinar” presented by GMaP Region 4  Cancer Disparities Research Network. This recording discusses How to Apply for NCI Diversity and Re-Entry Supplements and provides information from previous applicants and awardees

GMAP Series National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) Webinar” Dr. Kola Okuyemi provides a description of the need for mentoring to diversity in the biomedical workforce. Features mentoring, mentee, and professional development opportunities.

GMAP Series

GMaP Region 6 Webinar 1, 2016 Research Integrity, Dr. Jeffery Botkin

GMaP Region 6 Webinar 2, Mentoring Session with a Seasoned Mentor, Dr. Katharine Ullman, PhD

National Prevention Strategy

The Role of Individual and Families – Cookies Matters; We R Native: By Youth for Youth

The Role of Community, Non-Profit, and Faith-Based Organizations – Wyoming’s Faith Community Nursing Program; Montana’s Healthy by Design; the Food Trust

The Role of Early Learning Centers, Schools, Colleges and Universities, includes Utah’s early childcare obesity prevention program; measuring food waste in schools; and innovative Tribal/USDA Extension college program

The Role of Clinicians and Health care Systems – ‘Walk with a Doc’; Colorado’s Hospital Compact Program


“Nutrition and Cancer”, presented by Dr. Donald Abrams, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of California Can Francisco, Integrative Medicine Specialist, UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine

“Research Integrity” presented by Dr. Jeffery Botkin, MD, MPH is a Professor of Pediatrics and an Adjunct Professor of Human Genetics.
“The Economic Burdon of Cancer in the United States” presented by Dr. Robin Yabroff, PhD, MBA, is an epidemiologist in the Health Services and Economics Branch at the National Cancer Institute
“Family Systems & Communicating Hereditary Breast Cancer Risk Across the Generations” presented by Dr. Kenneth Tercyak, PhD, is a tenured Associate Professor in the Departments of Oncology and Pediatrics at the Georgetown University School of Medicine.

Cancer Risk and Health Decision Making: Developing Opportunities for Skin Cancer Prevention” Presented by Dr. Jennifer Hay, PhD, Member and Attending Psychologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

University of Arizona “The Role of Diverse Populations in Precision Medicine” presented by Rick Kittles, PhD, Director for the Center of Population Genetics, and Professor of Surgery and Public Health at the University of Arizona

University of Arizona “Stragegies for Success Under New Payment Models” presented by John D. Birkmeyer, MD, Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer




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