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Melinda Angus-Hill

Melinda Angus-Hill

Melinda Angus-Hill, PhD

Cancer Center Bio

My laboratory uses mouse genetics to study the role of the TCF/LEF transcription factor family and APC in colon development, homeostasis and cancer. I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology, and an Investigator at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. I have an extensive background in mouse models of human disease and trained under one of the foremost leaders in the field, Mario Capecchi.

Our primary goal is to create and utilize novel genetic models of cancer to ask targeted mechanistic questions, and to use the answers generated as the basis for future clinical trials. To that end, we have utilized mouse genetics and environmental enrichment (EE; a housing condition that provides social and cognitive stimulation to animals and enhances physical activity in order to reduce stress) to understand the mechanisms that underlie our finding of improved outcomes for tumor bearing animals exposed to EE.