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Lab Members


Jewel Samadder, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine

Dr. Samadder is a gastroenterologist who works closely with the clinical and basic science team.  His research focuses on the genetic epidemiology and outcomes of patients with hereditary colorectal and pancreatic cancer.  In the lab, he is interested in the molecular features underlying colorectal cancers that arise in a short time window (less than 36 months). 

Angela Snow

Angela Snow, MS, Lab Specialist and Manager

Angela has managed the molecular lab since 2013.  She is involved in developing methods, performing experiments, analyzing data and reporting for our molecular studies in colorectal cancer and our genetic studies in high risk families.   Her current research projects include (1) identifying molecular markers associated with interval cancers and (2) identifying the genetic basis of FAP in families lacking a known pathogenic mutation.  When not working the lab, Angela enjoys ordering supplies, attending seminars, and creating Access databases to better organize samples and reagents.

mdone Michelle Done, AAS, Study Coordinator

Michelle has a degree in Biotechnology and member of the lab since 2006. Michelle has been the lab manager and recently shifted focus to work with research participants on the chemoprevention clinical trial in FAP patients.  She continues to be a resource and help in the lab when time permits.  Michelle is also team captain of Pedal with a Purpose, a cycling team of friends and colleagues who ride to raise support for  HCI research.

Sydney Wyatt

Sydney Wyatt, Undergraduate Honor’s Student

Sydney is a third-year student at University of Utah, originally from Northern California.  She is pursuing an Honors degree in Biology and gaining laboratory experience by working on an honor’s  thesis project in the laboratory.  She plans to pursue a PhD after graduating.

Austin Wood

Austin Wood, BS, Laboratory Technician

Austin is an alumnus of Westminster’s Biology program and spent a summer as a research fellow at Brown University cloning various genes and purifying proteins of the RAS signaling pathway to be used for 3D NMR and X-ray crystallography. Since joining the lab in July 2014, he has become the team’s tissue culture specialist. He is currently working towards analyzing carcinoid cancer tissues by Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) to identify molecular markers characteristic of this syndrome, elucidating the role of a particular zinc finger protein in the development of SSA/Ps, and using RNA sequencing to determine gene expression alterations for the Erlotinib and Sulindac clinical trial. He is also working on screening melanoma patient samples for specific genetic mutations using a SNP genotyping assay.

Former Members

Therese Tuohy

Thérèse Tuohy, PhD, Research Associate

Dr. Tuohy is a molecular geneticist and a genetic counselor. Her research interests revolve around three major goals: (1) the identification of unrecognized Mendelian risk in “lost” branches of families with known predisposing deleterious mutations; (2) the use of electronic capture of individual medical record data, in combination with genetic, epidemiological, demographic and genealogical data to better define genetic and environmental cancer risk; (3) the use of molecular genetics to dissect inherited risk and the cellular mechanisms using PCR, Western blot analysis and immunohistochemistry.  She now resides in Portland, Oregon.

nykoleSargent Nykole Sargent, BS, Laboratory Technician

Nykole has degrees in Biotechnology from SLCC and is a recent graduate of Molecular Biology from the University of Utah. Nykole began working in the molecular lab in 2009 focusing on screening patient samples for important DNA mutations and identifying molecular signatures of colon cancer syndromes. Nykole is now pursuing a master’s degree in Genetic Counseling at UCSF.