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HCI 2013 Top Science Report

Your Grandmother Had Thyroid Cancer - Are You at Risk?
Huntsman Cancer Institute 2013 Top Science Report

Gene-diet-interactions in folate-mediated one-carbon metabolism modify colon cancer risk.
Liu AY, Scherer D, Poole E, Potter JD, Curtin K, Makar K, Slattery ML, Caan BJ, Ulrich CM.
Mol Nutr Food Res, (2013) 57(4), 721-34.

Familial risk of childhood cancer and tumors in the Li-Fraumeni spectrum in the Utah Population Database: implications for genetic evaluation in pediatric practice.
Curtin K, Smith KR, Fraser A, Pimentel R, Kohlmann W, Schiffman JD.
Int J Cancer, (2013) 133(10), 2444-53.


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