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Group Members


Jürgen Böhm, MD, Research Assistant Professor, Population Department of Health Sciences

Dr. Böhm is a research physician who received his MD from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany in 2010. Before joining the Division of Population Sciences at the Huntsman Cancer Institute (Director: Dr. Neli Ulrich) in 2015 he was working at the Division of Preventive Oncology (Director: Dr. Neli Ulrich) at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) in Heidelberg, Germany since 2011. He has a strong expertise in epidemiological research and conducting clinical and population-based studies. Currently, he is mainly involved in the ongoing ColoCare study, a prospective cohort of colorectal cancer patients. His main research focuses on colorectal carcinogenesis and prognosis related to obesity and diabetes, as well as surgical outcomes of patients.


Jessica Baker, BS, Administrative Officer for Dr. Ulrich

Jessica has a bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Education, with an emphasis in Community Health, from the University of Utah. Before joining the Ulrich group in November 2014, Jessica was an Administrative Assistant for several other doctors and researchers at Huntsman Cancer Institute.  She is currently responsible for managing the daily administrative tasks for Dr. Ulrich in her Senior Leadership role. In addition, Jessica also supports the entire Ulrich team through calendar management, professional travel, budgeting, and grant support.


Jennifer Ose, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Associate

Dr. Ose recently completed her doctorate in epidemiology from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, Germany.  At the Huntsman Cancer Institute, she is studying colorectal cancer aiming to explore the role of one-carbon metabolism in the recurrence of colorectal cancer and to use metabolomics to characterize biomarkers that may be predictive for colorectal cancer and that may be used to discriminate different clinical stages of colorectal cancer.

Her research will be based on data from the ColoCare Study at the HCI in Salt Lake City and data from international consortia (FOCUS and MetaboCCC) bringing together cohorts with colorectal cancer endpoints and building a focused group of investigators dedicated to supporting both individual and combined research efforts to improve the treatment of patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer.


Christy A. Warby, BA, Lab Specialist and Lab Manager

Christy has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Utah and over 17 years of experience in research at the University. She is responsible for managing the daily operations of the lab including assay establishment and onboarding of new members. In addition, she is currently analyzing inflammation biomarkers in samples from the ColoCare study on the Meso Scale Discoveries platform.


Mikaela Larson, BA, Program Manager in Population Sciences

Mikaela manages the Clinical Syn-tegration task force which aims to support standardized high-quality resources of data and biospecimens for all Huntsman Cancer Hospital cancer patients. She has been working in the clinical research field for the past 7 years working on a variety of studies including investigator initiated, cooperative group, industry sponsored and registry studies. She has extensive experience with patient recruitment and enrollment, data and biospecimen collection, and regulatory management.


Candice Garcia, Study Coordinator, ColoCare Study

Candice is the Study Coordinator for the ColoCare Study. She helps coordinate patient recruitment and enrollment, as well as clinical aspects of the study. She also coordinates study sample collection and data management.


Caroline Himbert, MD student from the University Hospital of Hamburg in Germany

She joined the team at the Huntsman Cancer Institute from October 2015 for 1 year. Caroline supports new patient recruitments as well as the ColoCare study organization. Furthermore, for her doctoral thesis she will investigate the association of physical activity and fatigue with inflammation in colorectal cancer. She is funded by the Foundation LebensBlicke and Clausse-Simon-Stiftung in Germany.

Lance Lewis

Lance Lewis, MBA, Associate Administrative Director, Population Sciences

Lance leads the team of administrative and support personnel responsible for supporting the principal investigators in Population Sciences. They offer support in areas such as data management, regulatory and operations. He comes to the Huntsman Cancer Institute from Hospice and Home Health as an administrator and operations manager. He has a passion for geriatric health care, specifically end of life care. He enjoys leading, motivating and inspiring teams.

Tengda Lin

Tengda Lin, MPH, MA, Biostatistician II

Tengda is responsible for statistic and database support for the ColoCare program. He completed both his master degrees at State University of New York at Buffalo and is interested in applying biostatistics to resolve questions in population science research.

Mahmoud Delphan

Mahmoud Delphan, MSc, Visiting Scholar

Mahmoud is a Ph.D candidate in Exercise Immunology at Tarbiat Modares University, Iran. He has been working in the Ulrich group since Feb 2016 and will be here 10-12 months. His passion is in exercise and physical activity in relation to cancer and is eager to continue his future research in this topic. He is funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Iran.

Stefanie Brezina

Stefanie Brezina, PhD student from the Medical University of Vienna – Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)

Stefanie is a visiting scholar from the ICR, Vienna. She joins the Ulrich team from April to July 2016. Her stay at the HCI is funded by a stipend from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Austria. Stefanie is studying at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. During her stay Stefanie will focus on MetaboCCC and FOCUS, two international projects investigating blood-based biomarkers and association with prognosis of patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

Cooper John Feild

Cooper John Feild, MD Student from the University of Utah School of Medicine

Cooper is currently investigating the role of visceral adiposity and comorbidities in colorectal cancer patient outcomes. He received his BS degree in Human Nutrition from Southern Utah University. His research is currently supported by the NIH-funded Medical Student Research Program at the University of Utah.