Research Studies

These research studies are currently recruiting participants.

 volunteerservices-header Cancer Genetics Study
A resource for patients, families, health professionals, and researchers, the Cancer Genetics Study (CGS) helps identify and recruit people who may be at higher risk for cancer because of inherited genetic factors.
 colocare-header ColoCare Consortium
ColoCare is a research study of patients newly diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer. We are a team of researchers, medical doctors, nurses, and patients working together to learn more about improving health after a cancer diagnosis.
 FLARE Study FLARE Study - Family Lifestyles, Actions, and Risk Education
Children from families who have a history of melanoma can protect their skin by learning healthy habits early in life. It can be a challenge to always carry out healthy skin protection habits such as wearing sunscreen. The FLARE Study aims to make it easier for kids and families at higher risk of melanoma to take action and protect themselves.

Precision Exercise Prescription

Precision‐Exercise‐Prescription (PEP) team includes medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, researchers, and patients working together to learn more about improving health after a lung cancer diagnosis. Our goal is to learn how an exercise program tailored for each person can improve long-term outcomes after lung cancer surgery. 

 Project Genesis Project GENESIS
Ewing sarcoma is the second most common bone cancer in children and young adults, but we know very little about why people get it. Project GenESis is one of the first studies to try to find out.
 legacy girls study

The Legacy Girls Study
The purpose of this study is to help us learn how habits and development of young girls relates to breast health for adult women.

Total Cancer Care

Total Cancer Care
At Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), health care providers and researchers seek to know how and why cancer develops and to find ways to better understand, detect, treat, and prevent it. Together, we want to improve care and quality of life for people affected by cancer and save lives now and in the future.

Utah Cancer Survivors Study

The Utah Cancer Survivors Study helps us learn about the long-term health effects and quality of life people with cancer experience. It also investigates whether cancer survivors have higher risks of certain diseases because of cancer treatment.

YACC Banner

YACC Study
Through this study we are trying to find out how young adults use social media, like Facebook and Twitter, after their loved one is diagnosed with cancer.