HI-AYA Program


What is an AYA?

AYA stands for Adolescent and Young Adult. This is a group of people diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 15 and 39. AYA patients have unique emotional, physical, and practical needs that aren’t easily met through typical cancer care for children or older adults. For AYAs, cancer can interrupt school, work, marriage, parenthood, and more. Also, more young adults in their twenties are uninsured than older adults.

What is a Patient Navigator?

A Patient Navigator has special training to help AYAs with cancer manage daily life needs. Navigators answer questions and connect AYAs to hospital and community resources. In other words, they help “navigate” the health care system.

Who is the HI-AYA Cancer Care program for?

The HI-AYA Cancer Care Program is for people between the ages of 15-39 diagnosed with cancer as well as their support system, including caregivers.

How much money will navigation cost me?

Seeing the HI-AYA Patient Navigator is free and open to the community. There is no charge.

My cancer is in remission. Can I still see the Patient Navigator?

Yes! The Patient Navigator is for people across the cancer continuum, from first diagnosis through survivorship.

Do I have to be treated at Huntsman Cancer Institute or Intermountain Healthcare?

No, this service is available to patients of any health care institution. While we primarily serve patients in Utah, patients can also come from nearby states.

Learn more about the HI-AYA Cancer Care Program or get in touch with a Sara Salmon, Patient Navigator:

Phone: 801-585-9669 
Cell: 801-360-4508