UCSS study

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to my doctors about this study?
At any time, you can discuss participation in this study with family, friends, or your doctor.

How much of my time is required?
The questionnaire takes about 45 minutes to complete. The saliva sample takes a couple of minutes.

Do I have to travel far to participate?
All participation (questionnaire and saliva sample) will be done through the mail. No traveling is required.

Will testing affect my insurance?
The genetic study is for research purposes only. As this is not a diagnostic tool, the results of this study will not be added to your medical records and your insurance will not be involved.

Will I get results of the genetic analysis?
Genetic results will not be provided because we are still in the research process. We do not know which genes are important for long-term health effects among cancer survivors, but your participation in this study will contribute to the research that may help us find out.



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