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Pysano is a service that simplifies the task of running jobs on a computer cluster. After you set up your bioinformatic analyses on the servers at the HCI, pysano will transfer your data files and scripts to computer clusters at the CHPC or HCI, execute those jobs, and transfer the results back to you, notifying you by email after your jobs are processed. Pysano provides a convenient short-hand notation for frequently performed tasks, such as DNA sequence alignment or SAM alignment file manipulation, and lets you follow the progress of your jobs via a web page.

Pysano can run jobs on several different computer clusters. Since the locations of the executable programs and data files can vary from cluster to cluster, pysano will translate the path names of executables in your scripts depending on which cluster is executing a job.

Pysano replaces a similar service named Tomato. If you have used tomato, this guide will help you port your analyses to pysano.